Geo is a 4-year-old boy being raised bilingually in monocultural home.

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Surgery Success!!!

Geo’s surgery was a success!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for all your well wishes!

To read more about why Geo had to have surgery again, please check out this blog post.

Here is Geo resting after surgery with his beloved teddy.

sweet geo

Geo’s middle ear has been reconnected and hearing should improve over the next week or two! The ointment that is filling the wound in his ear will slowly dissipate and his hearing will be better than ever! There was no further growth of the cholesteatoma, which is good. This means that his chances of future regrowth and subsequent surgeries is down to under 3%.  This is the best possible news!!

He’s not completely out of the woods yet, though. He has a 70% chance his middle ear will stay connected. That leaves him with a 30% chance of it not staying intact. This would mean he’d be back to 50% hearing loss in that ear. So for the next month or so, he should be a little less ‘crazy’ in order to up the odds. The doctor said we could make ourselves go nuts over this…especially since he tends to be so active. He said to do the best we can, but not to worry too much about it. We will certainly do our best!

Thank you again for all the positive energy and time you have afforded our sweet dear son! It made the best possible outcome! 🙂




Geo’s Plea

Geo has his second surgery this Wednesday, May 15th. We would love your positive thoughts for Geo’s full hearing capability to be restored on Wednesday! Read more about Geo and his ear in this blog post. The information about his ear starts below the first YouTube video.

We thank you for your thoughtful time and help envisioning success for our sweet little Géo!! 🙂