Geo is a 4-year-old boy being raised bilingually in monocultural home.

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So first, the good news: Geo is reporting that he can hear “really, really better!!” That is amazing! I have already posted this in my previous entry here. In addition to telling us this good news, he also told his speech therapist. She stated that when asked, he says he hears “really a lot better!” We are so pleased with this!

Now for the OMG! Tonight when we put Geo down for bed in his own room, our neighbors were having a loud party with music and a lot of kids making noise…the sounds of fun! So we decided to put him in our bed where it’d be nice and quiet. It’s a king bed. Plenty of room for our little four-year-old, right? Well, about 10 minutes after putting him down, we hear this huge thud. We run in to find Geo on the floor crying. He fell on the floor on his head and belly, according to him. The crying was not long-lived…but that thud was loud!

I’m not even going to write my fear. Instead I am just going to believe that his middle ear is still intact. If you’re reading this, please do the same and think positive thoughts for our little Geo!

Our very wise doctor who operated on Geo stated “You could make yourself sick over this sort of thing. Do what you can, but don’t worry about it too much.” That’s exactly what I plan to do. No worries…he is fine. His ear is fine. Healing perfectly!

More information about Geo’s recent ear surgery can be read here. Thank you for reading!!! 🙂