Geo is a 4-year-old boy being raised bilingually in monocultural home.

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Geo’s Speech Touch Cues

Geo is now 3 ½ years old and has had speech therapy for about five months. I have not stopped speaking to the children in French; however, I have adjusted how I respond to Geo. Usually, I am careful to help him learn his English sounds when he is producing speech. I may ask him a question in French and he answers me in English and I use the touch cue system to help him pronounce the words properly. From time to time he will throw in some French words or phrases. Once in a while, we will spend some time working on French words. We are focusing on Geo’s English articulation because in two years, he will need to be understood in English when he starts Kindergarten. We have continued to provide Geo with tons of French input, but we are not stressing that he speak in French. In this video, you will hear and see one of the rare times when I use the touch cues to help Geo speak French. The touch cues are something that I have learned from Geo’s therapist to better assist him to speak. The cues really work! He has some trouble with a couple of the numbers, but I didn’t dwell on them. If we were working on English, I would have spent more time having him repeat the words independently several times. The key for his learning is repetition. Practice makes perfect! It is amazing to see how the touch cues help him. I do them as I say the word for him to see, and as you can see he chooses to use the cues himself. They really help him articulate better!

At the end of the video, you can hear him say: “Ready or not, I’m coming!”

We have found that the absolute best time to encourage Geo to work on his speaking is through play. Who doesn’t love to learn while having fun?