Geo is a 4-year-old boy being raised bilingually in monocultural home.

A Son’s Love

We are starting this blog to document our son Geo’s language development. We are raising two bilingual children, Soleil (4) and Geo (2). My husband, Kevin and I are both native English speakers. I teach/speak French and Spanish; Kevin teaches/speaks Math. We decided that I’d speak only French to our children, and that Kevin would try to learn French over time. We are inspired by MIT researcher, Deb Roy, to blog about Geo’s language development. You can check out his TED talk entitled “The Birth of a Word” on or YouTube.

Geo went to the doctor for a check up today. He wasn’t speaking as much as other 2 years olds at his check up in February so the doctor asked to see him again. He was 36 pounds and in the 97 percentile in weight! Wow! Dr. Talev also said he isn’t really concerned about Geo’s speech especially with the progress he’s recently made. So we are going to chalk it up to the fact that he’s learning two languages and even more so because his sister speaks for him. She literally knows what he wants and tells us…she reads him like an open book!

This is last night’s story of Geo’s first 4 word sentence:

When Daddy went in to check Geo for the night, Geo said in Geo-ese: “I love you, Daddy” and when Daddy said he loved him back, Geo smiled hugely….both knowing the understanding was there.

He is hard to understand but we are starting to catch more and more of his words…and now phrases, too! We recently understood him say: “That one, Daddy” and “Have some, Mommy.” They may not have sounded perfect, but that’s definitely what he said!


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